dijous, 4 de novembre de 2010

Allplane: my new aviation blog

As if I had not enough work with starting up GourmetOrigins.com I have decided to take advantage of the great opportunity that the net offers to anyone wishing to pursue its passions and since this week I am going to write regularly about aviation, airlines and air travel at Allplane

In reality I have had this blog for quite some time already, but I had left it quite unattended and with a very basic layout. A few days ago I unveiled a major redesign, that includes a whole set of new features and much better integration with the social networks I use.

By the way, you can also follow allplane on Facebook , Twitterand Flickr

dilluns, 5 d’abril de 2010

Emprenedors i Valors

Com a emprenedor, m'agrada descobrir nous projectes interessants, especialment quan son de gran qualitat i els tenim a tocar de casa. Aquest es el cas de Valors.org, un magnific projecte editorial que en Joan Salicrú lidera des de Mataró. Val la pena, no us ho perdeu!

divendres, 19 de març de 2010

My new internet project: GourmetOrigins.com

This is it! After several years working in a large company I have decided to start on my own, and here is the result:


well...the site is still under development, but you can get an idea of how it will work. GourmetOrigins.com is going to be an easy and direct way to find everything you wanted to know about the origins of your favourite foods: where are they made, how, by whom? The map-bsed interface also makes it possible to explore and discover thousands od fine quality foods that are difficult to find and, consequently, little known outside their areas of production. So, do not wait anymore! come visit GourmetOrigins.com and explore a world of lavours!

Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions