dilluns, 14 de juliol de 2008

Summer weekends in England

Summer in England is great for sightseeing, quite sunny but not too hot, and there is no shortage of places to visit beyond the classical Oxford and Cambridge, as this island is literally packed with history. So, after visiting the home of the Royal Navy and the old glories of the time when Britannia ruled the waves (see previous post), the following weekends have taken me to two other places of historical significance for this country, and both within easy reach from London.

First, Windsor castle, the largest castle in the World still in use

Windsor Castle courtyard

A platoon of Guards in full dress

Tower with Royal Flag (the flag on top means that She is in!)

Then to the East Sussex Coast, the point where William the Conqueror landed with his Norman knights to change the history of this island forevermore. The Battle of Hastings, that represented the beginning of the Norman occupation of England and a move towards stronger links between Britain, France and the European mainland and away from the Scandinavian sphere of influence. It is remember not only by the name of the village that stands on the ground where it took place, called simply "Battle", but in the impressive remains of the abbey that the Normans built at the site. Also nearby the fishing village of Hastings, a place that has seen better times, and the picturesque medieval village of Rye, an old port now several km. inland, that has preserved a cozy atmosphere.

Battle Abbey

The battlefield

Postbox, notice the initials VR, Victoria Regina (aka Queen Victoria), looks like this postbox has been around for a while

Taking pictures at Rye's main street

A solitary beach in Hastings

The East Sussex Coast