dilluns, 21 de maig de 2007

Aviation and climate change

The UK Government has decided to double the amount of airport tax every passenger has to pay when buying an air ticket, apparently to help tackle climate change. In my opinion this is a way for the government to raise a lot of money through a very regressive tax that will do little to tackle climate change.

Sure, climate change is an important concern and we must do something about it but with this measure it's going to affect specially young travelers, that have grown up used to working and living in a Europe without borders and will, I hope, continue to do so. The new taxes can exceed by far the price of an average low cost flight but they will be peanuts with respect to the price of a business class ticket. Moreover, it will be unfair to tax all airlines equally, as their carbon emissions are not equal. Ironically, it is low cost airlines that are currently flying the newest and most efficient fleets. For example, Easyjet and Ryanair have fleets made of brand-new planes that consume a lot less fuel and pollute much less than the older planes flown by most full service (and full-cost!) airlines. Why not just put airlines in a carbon trading scheme?

Well, I leave it here for now, but expect more posts soon about aviation and global warming...