dimarts, 15 de maig de 2007


As it seems that only 0,001% of the World population speaks Catalan (so many people out there!), I have tagged each post with a language label, so those who just want to read the posts in English can select the label on the right side of the blog and then will only see the posts in that language.

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Anònim ha dit...

Thanks - don't think my school ever got around to teaching Catalan! Now you're becoming all technological, get yourself onto Facebook asap, even Dominguez beat you on there!
Rebecca G

Miquel ha dit...

I thought you Oxford people could speak any language like natives! Well, I am afraid that I am too grown up for facebook, but I can imagine Dominguez is making the most of it! Cheers!

Morten ha dit...

Jason is on facebook?


Jason ha dit...

wow, the brit calling the spaniard a luddite! what's next, a culinary insult? Morten is on the internet???

Anònim ha dit...

0.000001% of Catalan spoken worldwide is not a true reflection of Catalan influence on the world stage. The prime example of this is the adoption of a Catalan sweet as a national fetish (in particular for under 5's and 17 to 40 year old clubbers). The sweet in question is of course the Chupa Chup.

Invented in the 1950's by Enric Bernat Fontlladosa, the 1st slogan in Spain was “És redó i dura molt, Chupa Chups”, which translates into the unique “It is round and lasts a long time”. It's amazing after this peice of marketing magic that Enric's sweets became a national craze. He hired new highly paid ad guru's and they developed a new strategy. A Chupa song, which enshrined the Chupa in Spanish history.

Chupa un dulce caramelo,
Chupa chupa chupa un Chups
Que es redondo y dura mucho
Chupa chupa chupa un Chups

Un palito lo sostiene
Para no mancharte tú
Si quieres llenar tu boca,
Chupa chupa chupa un Chups...

This translates into English as follows...

Get something sweet to lickLick
lick lick a Chups
It’s round and lasts so long
Lick lick lick a Chups

It’s on a stick
So you stay clean
And if you want to get a mouthful
Lick lick lick a Chups...

Pure advertising wizardry. With domestic success, came riches and great fortune for Enric. However a lollipop on a stick needed more to conquer global markets. He needed to match his cool product, slogans and songs with high art.

In 1969, Enric travelled to see the most famous Catalan of the day, Salvador Dalí. Over lunch, Dali drew the logo that can still be seen on all Chupa's today. A yellow daisy, with Chupa Chup written in red inside. The launched the brand throughout Europe and during the 1980's, globally.

Enric passed away in 2003, however his legacy remains as strong now as ever. Today, the company makes four billion lollipops a year and is marketed in 170 countries.

Never fear that not many people speak Catalan, Chupa Chups is a Global Language.


Cliff :-)

Miquel ha dit...

Thank you Cliff for this interesting insight...never thought it this way, there's something Catalan in everyone's tongue! :-)